Bat Removal

Why hiring our bat removal team is the best step forward to removing your bats.


Did you know that bats can devour 900 small insects, such as moths and flying beetles per hour?

Although these mammals are a natural source of insect repellent, many homeowners are not comfortable having them on their property. And with good reason: bats often carry transmittable harmful diseases that can be fatal or cause serious illness.

With Bat Control Specialists of Hudson Valley, you can rest easy knowing that these endangered species will be safely removed from your property.

bat removal - humane bat removal in Hudson Valley by Bat Control Specialists of Hudson Valley
Humane Approach To Ensure Survival

Although DIY bat removal projects may sound exciting, these often employ a harmful approach that can neglect the survival of such endangered species. Our team at Bat Control Specialists of Hudson Valley is committed to utilizing the most humane approach to maximize survival rates. This includes rehabilitating the removed bats in a safe and secure alternate environment away from your home and family.

Following Guidelines for a Protected Species

Did you know that bats are a protected species? Therefore, it is important to follow guidelines when removing them from any area. We, at Bat Control Specialists of Hudson Valley, understand and follow the necessary steps to safely remove bats. For instance, in the case of a bat retrieval, we determine whether the bat needs to be rehabilitated or if it can be released back into the environment. But when releasing, we make sure that it located in a place and done in a manner affording it a better chance of survival.

Removal After Vulnerable Times- Winter and Maternal Season

Bats hibernate during the winter but they occasionally wake from hibernation. In that case, they may leave their roost but have minimal energy reserves. Consequently, they are likely to perish if they are denied access back to their roost. Therefore, we wait until conditions warm up and their food source returns. Maternal season is the time after bats have birthed their pups. Bat babies cannot fly in the first few months of their arrival. Performing bat removal and bat proofing during this time separates the mom from the pups, leaving the babies trapped to die in the structure. For this reason, only in extreme cases will we even consider performing bat removal during maternal season.

Thorough Inspection of All Potential Entry Points

Conducting a thorough inspection of all entry points is an important step during the bat removal process. This prevents the bats from getting trapped in your house or returning. However, novice removal personnel, including well-known pest control companies, do not have the expertise, nor the experience to find the most inconspicuous of entry points. Sadly, we received reports of them trapping bats inside the structure. In contrast, we carefully look at each opening before sealing to determine if a one-way door is needed. In addition, we do a final sweep of the structure after bat proofing to ensure all currently or potentially used entry points are addressed


Are you worried that a simple Google search for “bat removal near me” may not provide credible results? Hiring a professional team like ours in Hudson Valley can help this endangered species continue to live, just not in your house. Our team is equipped to take all the necessary precautions to prevent the bats from returning, ensuring a complete solution. Call today to learn more about our services.