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How Do I Know If I Have A Bat Issue?

In the Hudson River Valley region of New York, several different species of bats can either live inside your home’s walls, appearing inside your home’s living space, or flying around the exterior. If you start to notice small signs of a potential colony of bats, it’s important to take it seriously — rarely will homeowners or business owners be dealing with a single bat. It’s even possible for residents in a home to hear sounds coming from inside the roof or attic, including rustling, scratching, growling, climbing, or vocalizations. Please see this article for additional information about signs of bat issues.

How Do I Perform A Bat Watch?

This involves observing a structure at the areas you suspect bats come and go. Get a lawn chair, grab a favorite beverage and keep your eyes open towards the suspected area of the structure. It’s best to get out there before dawn. Be patient, sometimes they will not start exiting until its dark outside. Be careful not to shine powerful flashlights into the bats’ eyes. However, if you are unsure after a few bat watches, contact Bat Control Specialists of Hudson Valley today!

How Do I Confirm The Presence Of Bats?

As bat removal specialists, we know that these creatures can enter your residence or other building through very small openings on or near the roof. It’s possible for a large group of bats to enter through the roof’s edge and valleys, attic, siding, and more. In order to be sure that bat removal is needed, it’s best to schedule a detailed inspection of the affected building or home; if you notice rub marks or droppings, then it’s best to call us at Bat Control Specialists of Hudson Valley for the next steps!

Will Bats Go Away On Their Own?

Unfortunately, it is unlikely for bats to leave on their own once they find a location that is comfortable and ideal. If your home is showing signs of having these unwanted inhabitants, seeking humane bat removal services is the best answer.

Why Do I Need Professional Bat Removal Services?

While bats typically do not damage gardens or landscapes, it’s possible for them to transmit diseases (including rabies). It’s also possible for bat droppings (known as guano) and urine to soil your structure. In some cases, large bat populations can lead to bat bug infestations. Professional bat removal services from Bat Control Specialists of Hudson Valley are critical to preventing unnecessary illnesses and to getting rid of the problem humanely.

What Does The Bat Removal Process Look Like?

At Bat Control Specialists of Hudson Valley, our bat removal process focuses on safely and humanely relocating bats from your property. Our fully trained and experienced staff prides itself on fast response times, promptly assessing a homeowner's situation and starting the process as soon as possible. It’s our goal to preserve the bat population, which is why we don’t use any chemicals or dangerous substances while relocating bats from your attic or roof; it’s all about balancing safety and conservation.

How Much Does Bat Removal Cost?

The best way to determine how much bat removal will cost is to contact our Bat Control Specialists of Hudson Valley staff for a clear written estimate. It’s our goal to provide personable, professional services so as to preserve the appearance of your home's structure and the health of your loved ones.

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Your comfort and safety are important, and Bat Control Specialists of Hudson Valley can help get rid of any unwanted residents! When you choose to work with us, you can trust our expert service and bat-free warranty. Timeliness and high-quality bat removal are top priorities for us, and we look forward to helping you! Contact us today for a clear, written estimate and for more bat removal and bat proofing information!


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