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How to get rid of bats?

Are there bats in your house right now?  Do you need something done immediately? At this point you may be thinking, “Do I need a professional?  Can’t I just take care of the problem myself? Wait, do I know how to get rid of bats?” 

Are you worried about bat removal costs?  Or perhaps you’ve noticed the myriads of animal control companies purveying critter control services.  So why is hiring a bat control specialist a better option than handling a bat removal problem on your own?

BCS Is More Than an Animal Control Company

There is a lot more to our work at bat removers than what an animal control company may do. Our clients see how involved our work is—not only our inspection of your house—but also by the removal process. 

In addition to carefully removing your bats, we guarantee our work for up to 3 years. When you hire us, you know we have a great reputation you can trust.  Most importantly, because we specialize in bats, we give you the best expert advice and service possible. 

Is Bat Removal the Same as an Exterminator?

Not at all. Bat Control Specialists professionally remove bats and prevent them from returning.  If you have bat problems like bats in house or bats in attic, you don’t need a bat exterminator.  You need your building bat proofed.  Is that a new term? It means we permanently ensure that no bats will return. So a bat control specialist’s services not only resolve the immediate problem, but we also provide a lasting solution that will leave you feeling safe. 

For many, learning that they have a bat in the house causes a range of unsettling feelings including fear, anxiety and insecurity. At this time, you need an empathetic and reassuring response that only a bat control specialist can give.  An important part of our services is to provide support which will help you feel understood and eventually safe and calm. Bat removal is our specialty niche, and we know how to handle the situation professionally and permanently.

How to Get Rid of Bats

Now let’s address your question, “Can I do the bat removal myself?”  The qualified answer is yes, buuut…..  Here are some things to consider. First, as with any wild animal, there is a possibility of being bitten or scratched.  Therefore, before you attempt to do any removal yourself, it is imperative that you wear thick gloves and it is advised that you wear proper clothing (long sleeves and pants).  Second, the little guys are not that easy to catch and that’s when they are in plain sight.  So you have to think about how to catch a bat then how to get the bat out of your house.  Third, there are concerns regarding health and the possibility of transference of zoonotic diseases that need to be addressed with the proper authorities.  Bat control specialists are trained and licensed to do all of this.

Bats have great memories—so they will often reenter a house repeatedly.

Beyond removing the bat, there is a greater issue: How did the bat get in your house in the first place?  Bats have highly developed sense of smell and great memories.  Once they have lodged in a building, they are very likely to repeatedly attempt to reenter that place.  That means that after a bat or bats are removed, your house needs to be batproofed.  Something you can try to do, right?  Surely.  However, please note this: Each year, we receive many calls from individuals seeking professional bat removal services after their batproofing attempts have failed to eliminate the problem or have exacerbated the problem

A Bat Removal Gone Wrong

For example, we got a call from one week-end warrior who, after looking at all the how-to videos about getting rid of bats decided to take back his castle.  That night after he had supposedly gotten rid of bats in the attic, the family was awoken by horrifying noises echoing throughout the house.  This persisted all night.  This is not a ”ha-ha! Told you so” moment. Our hearts really went out to that family because the trauma of that experience is real. 

We share this story not to demean this man or any other well-intentioned and capable individual.  However, experience shows us that, generally speaking, people end up doing too much or too little in their attempts to bat proof their house themselves.  In this case, he did too much. Although he used a bat exclusion device, the way he used it didn’t allow the bats to leave.  In a panic, the bats struggled all night to find their way out.  The result?  The bat infestation moved from the attic to the basement. 

Even though we came to the rescue and professionally bat proofed their house, the damage was done. The bats were not able to find their way back up the walls, into the attic and out of the house.  By the way, we’re talking about a colony of bats! Okay, a small colony, but about two dozen. Imagine trying to round up, capture, and remove two dozens of bats from a basement.  Again, bat control specialists to the rescue! 

We’ll help your bats find a new home.

How to get rid of bats? Try giving us a call.

So, you have options and we respect that.  In fact, we like to educate our customers so that they can feel empowered to take back their house after an invasion.  Our professional, specialized services have helped many people regain peace of mind that their problem has been taken care of for good.  We invite you to call us with any questions or to schedule an inspection.

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