Knowledgeable & Humane Bat Specialists help you get rid of bats—while preserving bat lives

We care about treating people and animals ethically, kindly, and with knowledge. We’re trained and experienced in bat control techniques, and we operate with the utmost professionalism. For bat control services in Hudson Valley, turn to our team.


Fully trained & experienced

Bat removal requires a specific skill and approach. Often, we get calls from customers who already hired a general animal control or wildlife control company yet still have bats in their house.

Written estimate & guarantee

Never wonder how much it will cost to get rid of bats. Also, don't worry whether your bat removal problem will actually be solved. Thanks to our bat-free warranty, you can trust our service.

Fast & reliable appointments

When we schedule an appointment, we take your time seriously. That's why we arrive on time and we stick to our estimates. If any schedule delays occur, we promptly communicate this.

We balance safety & conservation

You and your family’s safety is paramount. That doesn’t mean that bat lives are expendable or of no value to us, therefore we give advice and use exclusion techniques designed to care for you and preserve bat populations.


Ian Mitchell founded BCS to provide a quality and humane bat control service in the Hudson Valley area. With backgrounds in human relations, construction and safety, Ian dedicates himself to making customers feel understood and confident while helping them get rid of bats in their homes.

Bat Control Specialists of Hudson Valley helps you get rid of bats.

Proud members of:

BCS is a proud member of the Bat Conservation International - helping you get rid of bats in a humane way.NWCOA member - helping Hudson Valley get rid of bats in a humane way.BCS is a proud member of the New York State Nuisance Wildlife Control License - helping you get rid of bats in a professional way.

BCS is all about offering a quality bat control service to residents in the greater Hudson Valley area. We love that we get to help people and at the same time work with these amazing creatures. The quality of your interaction with us is equally important as the work we do on your house. Our clients trust us to treat them well and get the job done right.

Ian Mitchell, Founder

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